Upgrading BankSocial Wallet from Private Key-based Wallet?

Q: I previously used only a private key with the old version of BankSocial Wallet. What should I know about the upgraded wallet?

A: If you had been using a private key with the old wallet, please note that the private key can only be used on ERC chains supported by Binance, Ethereum, and MATIC.


Q: Can I generate a Bitcoin, Hedera, or other non-ERC-20 addresses using my ERC-20 private key?

A: No, it is not possible to generate addresses for Bitcoin, Hedera, or any other non-ERC-20 tokens using an ERC-20 private key. If you upgraded your wallet that was utilizing a private key, you didn't have a seed phrase. Hence, your upgraded wallet will only support ERC-20, BNB, and MATIC tokens. However, you can create a new wallet to access the full multi-chain experience, including other networks such as Hedera and Bitcoin.

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