How to Use The BankSocial Exchange

First Time User

1. Create an account at

2. After you have created an account, you will need to get Verifiied™ (Our KYC solution) to be given full access to the entire ecosystem of products, including the BankSocial Exchange.

3. Once you have been Verifiied™, go to the dashboard and under the Exchange tab select "Buy Crypto".

4. From there you will be prompted to choose the Crypto you would like to purchase and enter in the wallet address you would like your Crypto to be sent to. If you do not have a wallet, we will either create one for you (we will not have access to your private keys), or you can create a new wallet directly from this page by clicking "Get the BankSocial Wallet".

5. Enter your Credit or Debit card information and confirm your details one last time.

6. After your purchase, you will be directed to the "Purchase History" page where you will be able to see your entire transaction history.

7. Your Crypto will arrive in your wallet within 15 minutes - Your Keys, Your Crypto.


 Returning User

1. Login to

2. Go to the Exchange tab and select "Buy Crypto"

3. Choose the Crypto you would like to purchase and enter in the wallet address you want your Crypto sent to. 

4. Your previous payment info will have saved, and you will only need your CVV code. You will have the option to Edit Payment at this point if you choose.

5. Confirm your details and complete the process. 





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