How to get Verifiied™ (Our KYC Solution)

After signing up for, you will be prompted to complete our KYC process - This will grant you full access to all of our products & services. The process is as follows:



First, you will be prompted to submit a valid email address and your Social Security number or tax ID.


Next, you will be asked to submit pictures of either your Driver's License, Passport, or other Government Issued ID. You may need to submit front/back. Please make sure the picture is in focus and the information is readable.


Liveness Selfie

Face the camera, and rotate your head around as prompted. 

Note: You may have to give your browser permission to access your computer's camera. The process can also be completed on your phone.



Fill out the form as prompted. Then, submit a Proof of Address such as, Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Tax Assessments, etc. Be sure your Full Name and Address are on the document, and they are dated within the last 3 months. 

Finalize your submission and wait for an email stating your results. Your current Verifiication™ status can be checked in the profile section at

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