I'm Currently Using the BankSocial Wallet, Do I Need to Import my Keys on the Upgraded Version?

**BankSocial Wallet 2.0 is currently in alpha testing. You will be notified when upgrade is available.


If you are currently using the old version of the BankSocial Wallet, your seed phrase will automatically transition during the upgrade process. However, as a precautionary measure we strongly recommend backing up your seed phrase in case the transition encounters any unforeseen issues.


To back up your seed phrase:


 - Access your current wallet and locate the backup keys section in the settings.

 - Write down your seed phrase on paper and ensure it is accurately recorded, verifying the correct order and spelling.

 - Avoid capturing screenshots or saving images of your seed phrase on mobile or computer devices to minimize security risks.


*While the automatic upgrade is designed to ensure a smooth transition, having a backup of your seed phrase adds an extra layer of protection for your crypto assets.




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