BSocial Token Staking

1) Will staked coins be swapped to usdt, or will they remain bsocial?
- They will remain BSocial
2) If you stake your coins, will you still receive the 3%?
- Yes
3) Will staking require anything more complex than pressing a button in the app?
- No
4) Assuming that staked coins remain bsocial, and they still receive the 3%, if you stake your entire wallet, will the coins received from the 3% be staked as well?
- You'll stake what you stake, but you can stake your 3% gains any time - payment of the interest gains will be proportional to the amount of coins you've staked, and the amount of time they have been staked. This is to prevent whales to just do a quick "stake - take all - remove coins from stake" move.
5) Are there any potential risks in staking? If yes, what are they?
- Minimal -close to no risks-: The only risk is people not paying back the loans, but that's why we will focus on secured loans.

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