How does the 7 percent tax on transactions work?

Of the “7% tax,” 3% of the total tokens from the total transaction (one seller, one buyer) are proportionally redistributed to all current $BSOCIAL token holders while 4% is deposited directly into the BankSocial Liquidity Pool for future lending. The 3% redistribution happens automatically for all $BSOCIAL token holders and is proportional to the amount of tokens a wallet holds in relation to the total number of tokens in circulation. This method of redistribution rewards wallets for holding $BSOCIAL tokens. For example, if a wallet were to hold 1% of all $BSOCIAL tokens in circulation, it would receive 1% (of the 3%) of tokens that are being redistributed to the community from a specific transaction. Long-term holders will receive a larger proportion of the tokens from each transaction as they will own a larger percentage of all tokens in circulation. Holding pays off in the long run.

4% of all tokens from each transaction are deposited into the BankSocial liquidity pool. Tokens in the liquidity pool will be used to fund asset-backed loans when lending begins.

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